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Here i will stick my drawings, poems and photo crap if you like go to About Me and sign my guestbook and tell me!!

This is some Goth girl i drew called Shelly.

This is some religious photo stuff i did, that siloutthe is me by the way

I was feelin like crap and i channeled it into this picture, and i feel better because of it.

The Grey Afternoon

Its a grey afternoon on the waterfront,

And as the wind slowly plays glissandos on the water

The russet leaves slowly plummet towards the obscurity below.

The boardwalk is forlorn and obscure,

And as the metaphorical tumbleweed passes by

The clouds quickly move in a languid fashion

Leading the shadows to juxtaposition creating an eternal dark.

The hippodrome theatre looms in a carrion bird fashion

Leading itself to an eternal paradox

Chastising those who wish to correct it.

I roam onwards through the city,

The oblique, melancholy structures of the metropolis slowly envelop me

While the clanging prejudiced windows do nothing but amplify the grey.

The clamour of the cars and pedestrians of Inner Bristol contrast

And the sound starts to create haunting melodys

Of grey noise

As I continue my exodus I reach Clifton and the oppressive buildings leave me

And Gaia starts to trudge with me,

Her gentle touch and natural attire comforts me

In the replete void of the afternoon.

I reach my aspiration of the summit

And as I look down upon the cosmopolitan paradise

All I see is the grey, slowly suffocating the city

And as the heavens slowly converge

They unite and rise together

Making way for the Black evening

This poem i wrote after i had been to Bristol, the Grey is basically Prejudice and Black is what results from it Anarchy, As Bristol is a Bohemian place and i imagined it like as if it wasn't and this is what resulted!

The Crow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands