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Shoutouts to My Friends
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A page dedicated to the love of my life

You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

I am going to put my amigos on this page, those that aren't on here but are my friends DON'T BE OFFENDED I JUST DON'T HAVE YOUR PHOTO!!! Just send me one and I'll add youse k!


One of my best friends, Abbi has stuck by me through thick and thin (mainly thick) and i hope i can be as good friend back
The person who dubbed me with the name Dark-Soul Boy, and it's stuck, known her for 2 years so far and things and things are cool. Abbi is just a cool girl and ROCKS!!

Modest Guitar Virtuoso and all-a-round nice guy Phill, Phill is a great guy and whoever is friends with him is lucky, this guy is also Choc-a-Bloc with riffs and licks and solos.
This guy can play Euguenes Trick bag, not the full speed but near enough, and is full of advice on Guitaring, PHILL I SALUTE YOU lol 



John, again a nice person, ain't i lucky, John, one of the best friends a guy can have this guy will defend you through thick and thin, the sort of guy you would like in a fight on your side!!
John has a love for battle choreography, and a love of hand-to-hand weaponry, liked all round john is a strong guy who will defend you to the last!


Jason, lover of sk8 boarding, Synth's and funky music, Jason loves Deevo the Beastie Boy's and the Smiths. Also he is a damn good Sk8'er of what i've seen!
Jason is a cool guy and shys away from ass-holes, good guy all round

Aaron, all-a-round LUNATIC!!! Seriously, HE JUMPS INTO BUSHES FOR FUN! Lover of Dirty Sanchez and Rock all a round aaron has a cool taste in music and is one of those people with no shame.
He is heavily into AC/DC, Tenacious D etc all classic rock bands and is a cool guy, the life of the party kinda guy, AARON STOP DRINKING THERMOMETERS!!



Chris, Bassist and cool guy, one of the founding members of local band Nubile Youth, He's into Audioslave heavily and Led Zepplin even more. On top of it all he's pretty smart too!
A cool guy and a pretty damn good bassist, and part of the driving force behind Nubile Youth Go Chris


Chris a.k.a. Pinky
Pinky, another mad guy, Pinky is the drummer in Nubile Youth and is getting pretty damn good, he's basically your run-of-the-mill Farmer, Randy, likes his Stella and enjoy's shooting things.
Murderer of innocent animals and another founding member of Nubile Youth, NO PINKY NOT NOW!!!

Another Guitarist and pretty damn good, Andy is a lover of metal, anything like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and Megadeath Andy will like it. Andy is a HUGE LOTR fan and can partly speak Elvish (i think high elvish as there are 2 elf languages)
Gets on well with John and is another lover of weaponry Andy is a cool guy and that picture isn't very complimentary, he also has long hair, Cool guy!





Simon, A cool guy, singer for Nubile Youth and a pretty damn good artist, a fan of Halo 1&2 and the books and a HUGE fan of Audioslave. From what I've heard pretty damn good singer.
Simon is a cool guy and originally had long hair, but had it cut not long ago, so, Simon is into good music and into good games GO SIMON

The Crow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands