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Love of my life

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A page dedicated to the love of my life

This is the love of my life and I dont what I'd do without her

I don't know how i lived without feeling this feeling, the feeling you get when you are so desperately in love with someone and they love you as much back when you cry when not in their company, when you see them cry you want to stop the world and do anything you can't to make it better and how their face always lights up your day, how the sound of their voice is comfort of hell on earth, i love her more than anyone in the world as she is my world and i' do anything for her :)

Yeah this is my page to the love of my life she is amasing i could not function without her and even though we live 110 miles apart our love is still strong

Heva looking rather Ravishing if i do say so myself

Me and Heva Together at her house, notice IM SMILING

Heva staring with her tied back

Heva in a goth dress and very nice too

again in the dress, looking sexier by the minute!!!

what i tell you, sexier by the moment, and hands off no one else can have her,

Heva looking VERY cute in that stripy scarf, god how i want to be with her

Hehe me and heva at the coach station before i left, it was windy


Me and heva in her room

hehe she is gonna hate for this hehe

a webcam photo of heva looking beautiful as usual

legless lol, she is gonna kill me you know ;)

The Crow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands